Michael Lewis Jr (Chocolate Papii)

American inn has one of the customer service that I would send my children to there establishment. That type of trust and security your not gonna find in two many places and people now a days. If you have any traveling to do and your near Perris Ca I would stop by American Inn rates or reasonable & negotiable. Thank You for your great community service.

Leo Ramos

After going through a traumatic event at my residence I was able to transition from having a home into the motel giving a smooth move. The experience of being able to have a community feeling was a great plus.

Henry Holmes

I like how they always look out for there customers and when it’s late they wake up and help you still they are amazing people every one should get a room here at the American inn in perris cali.

Gloria Mendoza

I come here every weekend for a nice quiet get away,The price is convenient as well as stores and restaurants near by,rooms are always clean,although it’s missing a pool the AC covers for this heat,makes you feel right at home away from your home,The attendant is really nice and respectful,I’ll continue my service here.

Edgar Vazquez

The service was really good I enjoyed my time being in here To let people know that don’t judge a book by its cover for this location For the people who keep this business running they do a really good job of taking care of their guests and making sure that they have everything that they need and they’ll go the extra mile enjoyed everything with this business had to offer.

Irma Martinez

This is a hidden gem in Perris , it's under new management , clean nonsmoking room.everything is walking distance shopping ,restaurants both managers were very helpful and will be staying with them again.

Michael Page

I had an excellent stay here. Very convenient. Many different restaurants too. Owners are wonderful people and do everything to make your stay enjoyable.